The five brand new Hip Hop tracks on The Apollo Project are the result of a collaboration between Macsen Apollo, creative agency and producers collective Raven Bros.
During Macsen’s residency at Open Ateliers Zuidoost Artist in Residence (OAZO AIR) in the Amsterdam Bijlmer area, he joined forces with Bijlmer based MC’s Jay Colin, M.D., Mizztamizzo and Ell-I-Dee. Music wizard D. Riba plays his incredibly strange instruments and jazz singer Anne Brattinga provides warm vocals. The beats, recordings and mastering are done by the Ravennest, while vinyl scratches come from American DJ E Train. A verse by MC Jason Dunman completes the EP.

The Apollo Project is available online October 28th, 2014.

The videos, photos and artwork of The Apollo Project were created by video artist Erkka Nissinen, photographer Ilja Meefout and designer Rutger Paulusse, all brought together by

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The Apollo Project is available as a free download via soundcloud, spotify, grooveshark en bandcamp

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