The Story Behind “Heartbreaks” Pt 1

It all started on a Saturday night, at a fellow artists show here in the bay. I had been talking to this girl I met online, she had some real fresh art to show me. I told her I would be at my friends show and that she should come by the show.

I first saw her at the bar with her friend. I asked if she wanted to blaze outside with me. She was cute and she told me she was lucky.. I said Lucky? Why? She said oh I’ve seen you around doing your thing, I laughed and said whatever I’m the lucky one you smell like cotton candy. Later on the next day I went to her house. I was and I am a shy guy, so I didn’t make any moves on her till I got her to my house.. She came over and we would paint and have fun.. We started dating and everything was going great until..l asked her what she did for work.. she told me she worked at a “Club” I knew once she said a club that meant she was a stripper.. she wouldn’t tell me..I had to pry it out of her, then she told me.. I was fine with it to be honest. I can love anyone for them as long as I know who they are.. she didn’t want to let me in. with in a few months I would notice that she would get a text and then go into the bathroom to text or call back and then she would tell me some bs about how she had to go help her mom or something. It was only when I knew shit was up that I looked in her phone when she was in the shower, hella dirt…that’s when I knew she was doing more than just “stripping”.

to be continued……


The Story Behind “Heartbreaks” Pt 2

I would like to start off this blog by letting everyone know I am not proud of my actions that i took.. “HeartBreaks” was my way of getting the last word..

What led up to the big break-up:As of now, if you watched the music video and you read my last blog you know that i got played and lied to, but what you don’t know is, when the truth came out about what she does for money it brought the worst out of me.. My feelings were hurt, but the hustle came out in me.. “how can I work this to my favor? Pimping? Sure, why not..?” I had felt so out of control at that point that this move made me feel empowered, thinking like..”at least I get to choose the guys and control her market worth”.

So I helped her place ads, started a myspace page for her and replied and helped her reply to tricks.. At this point the love was gone and I was thinking “ok, if we can be friends and I can help you not be a cheap hooker and help you make some real money and i can make some along the way then cool.. lets do it..” I was down.. We were partners.. In hindsight, I do have to admit that I was not a good pimp at all..turning most tricks down claiming they didnt offer enough money. I was really a horrible know what they say: Pimpin aint easy! (Especially when you like the chick).

The thing that stopped everything was that she would not stop lying to me.. Time after time.. We were still dating kinda sorta, i guess.. Every night she would sleep in my bed with me and i would hold her.. I would hug n kiss her.. I think the thing that hurt me the most is that I am a very open book and I tell my life story which is not a great one but i tell it to everyone so they can have a piece of me and they can love me for me. My problem is that everyone is not like me.. So I give you me and you give me nothing.. That doesn’t work for me.

Anyways, back to the story.. So her lies didn’t stop.. One day my sister called me and asked me to come to Oregon and help her with her hardwood floors, being that that was my old job and my sister was pregnant I said no problem and I left the next day. So I told Venus Love: “If you do anything while I’m gone don’t do it in my House I will be back in 4 days”.. I finished early so I came home sooner than expected.. When I got home I noticed a condom wrapper on my bed and my place was trashed. she wasn’t home.. So I call her pissed off and I told her I was home.. She rushed back to the house and told me that her and two hood rats had came over and were playing with a dildo and that is why there was a condom wrapper on my bed because they used the condom on the dildo.. “1st off I said bring no one over here 2nd I don’t believe you!”.. So I woke up at 5am the next day and packed all her shit, woke her up and told her to get the fuck out.. she didn’t want to leave.. So I threw all her shit out into the street.. She was upset and crying, telling me she loved me and asking my why am I doing this to her.. She wouldn’t leave, So I had to pack all her shit into my car plus her.. she wanted a ride to her home town.. 2 hours with this bitch in a car?hell naw!.. I took her to the train station.. She wouldn’t get out the car. then she started telling me she was going to call the cops on me.. “huh, for what??” she started dialing so I grabbed her phone and threw it as far as i could knowing that she would run after it.. Once she ran to get it I unpacked the car and burned out on my way out..

peace Venus Love………………….. Like I said I am not proud of the story but real is real.. in the video it shows me leaving her but the truth is I threw her out and there was a ton of shit that led to that..



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